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The Fastest Way to Neutral

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ShiftLock App Menu
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The App

Reinventing Towing

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Join more than a million happy users

The first and only mobile application that quickly and simply locates the hidden Shift Interlock Release (shift lock).

Dispatchers, Towing Operators, D.O.T. Workers, & Road Rangers worldwide, hail ShiftLock as one of the most useful towing innovations this decade.



With many US, International, and EURO vehicle manufacturers listed, ShiftLock is one of the world's most comprehensive collections of Shift Interlock releases.


  • High Definition Pictures

  • Clear instructions where applicable

  • Intuitive menus and functions

Advanced Search 


  • Search by vehicle manufacturer, model, or year.

Save Later


Save a group of vehicle releases for use later, or in areas of poor coverage.



New vehicles are added monthly at no additional charge.

How the App Works

ShiftLock was created for the Towing Profession, by a Towing Professional.

Speed, accuracy, ease of use, and clarity at a fair price.

No more fumbling at the scene, or wasted time chasing down customer’s keys.

With this app, you always have an alternative to dragging.

Reduce damage to valuable company equipment and customer's vehicles. 

Ultra fast learning curve. You'll be comfortable quickly using this app on rotations and TOLs where time really matters.

We reduce your time roadside with the ability to save the casualty vehicle's release info for later use, or for use in areas with poor cellular service.

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Over 54 US, European, and foreign vehicle manufacturers at your fingertips.

100s of models spanning nearly 30 years.​

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A search can also be done visually when exact information is unavailable.

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 07.18.51.png

High Quality 


Accurate pictures.

Clear, concise instructions where necessary.

About Us

Our Story

ShiftLock App Developer

The Problem

A BMW 528 XI had T-boned a Nissan Titan.  I was first on scene and given the BMW.  I hopped in and reached for the keys. Nope. Transported with patient, and I had no idea where to find the shiftlock.  Of course what was left of the wheel was turned and I had to drag it up. 

A few days later I was dispatched to a vehicle left on the side of a very busy highway….of course, no keys.

The Solution

I thought about the many times in my career, just having the vehicle roll would easily have cut down on frustration, and my time exposed roadside.

Soon after, I started work on the app.

The Towing Community

Support from members of the Towing community came flooding in. Words of encouragement from Moe Timcoe and Charlie Landfried and the partnership with the Facebook page Shift Interlock Releases.  Bill Trimmer’s assistance in designing the app logo we use today.  And, most importantly, the thousands of hard working Tow Operators out there that honor us by purchasing the app.



This app is amazing. I used to have to figure this stuff out on the side of the road which can be quite time consuming. I don't remember when I first got it but it has definitely made my life easier. I tell all the drivers I train to download it so they aren't constantly calling me to help them.

Joshua Adkinson

I brought this app two weeks ago. Today I took a call requesting wheel lift and dollies in my rollback because I knew I could get it into neutral. Most helpful towing app I've seen yet.


Great App for the $$$
I have had this app for several years and it has worked very well for me. Highly recommended!


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